Thank you, to the
Florida Inland Navigation District for their continued support in the elimination of derelict vessels from our waters.
The D.A.V.E. Initiative;

"Derelict Abandoned Vessel Eradication Initiative" (D.A.V.E.) This program starts with keeping a database on every vessel anchored out in the navigable waters of Palm Beach County Intracoastal Waterway. By having this information we are able to notify the owner of any vessel in time of need for that vessel, i.e. if it breaks loose, takes on water or drags anchor. Thus minimizing damage to the vessel, other property or the environment. We do not tow boats, catch boats or reanchor boats, we notify owners so they can take care of their problem. We try and remove boats while they are still floating. There are only two ways we can remove a vessel from the water, those are by owner permission  or Law Enforcement Directive. Each vessel we remove, a plan is made that is tailored to that vessel and the circumstance, i.e. depth of water, condition of the vessel etc. Sometimes it is as simple as waiting for low tide and pumping the vessel out and sometimes we have to hire a barge and crane. As of February 2018 has removed 304 vessels from the waters of Palm Beach County.